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Why Use Soil-Cement?

The use of  soil-cement can be of great benefit to both  owners and users of commercial facilities. Its cost compares favorably with that of granular-base pavement. When built for equal load-carrying capacity, soil-cement is almost always less expensive than other low-cost site treatment or pavement methods. The use or reuse of in-place of in-place or nearby borrow materials eliminates the need for hauling of expensive, granular-base materials ; thus both energy and materials are conserved.


This low cost has made soil-cement an attractive alternative to designers of heavy-duty industrial pavements. In addition, soil-cement has considerably more load-carrying capacity than flexible pavements, requiring less thickness to carry a given load. Pavement engineers praise soil-cement’s performance, its low first cost, long life, and high strength. Soil-Cement is constructed quickly and easily and easily-a fact appreciated by commercial owners and user alike.



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