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Description :

Polymer chemroad is a soil-cement additive, the polymers based mixture of latex and cellulose dispersed in water. It is specifically formulated to stabilized the in-situ soils with the cement and water. Polymer chemroad used as an additive to modify Portland cement mixtures. The mix of Polymer chemroad and Portland cement together bind the soil particles to form a polymer concrete–link material. It allows concrete work to be made without course aggregate but to be used with in-situ soil as a filler.


Benefits :

Improves cohesion between the soil aggregates and the cement paste, increases fracture toughness and cracking resistance, modifies porosity and water penetration. In road construction work, improves stability of material, provides water retention and increases workability. Non-toxic and environmental friendly product.


Appearance :

White viscous liquid.


General Properties :

  1. Polymer Chemroad is polymer latex which persists to chemical and weather changes. It is insolutable when dry.
  2. Being the Dispersing agent, It can smoothly emulsify cement and soil substance.
  3. It decreases  airgap in the soil (Capillary void) which prevent water absorption.
  4. Polymer chemroad creates small bubbles between the airgap to prevent absorption. The bubbles will prevent concrete or cement from fragmentation since it has high Tensile strength.
  5. Polymer Chemroad increases the compression strength by decreasing water.



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