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1. The Chemroad soil cement stabililized road base materials should be kept moist at optimum moisture content before compact.


2. The cement spray. Mixing, level correction, and compaction should be carried out within two hours to avoid the destruction of initial hardening bonds of cement.


3. The cement stabilized road base should be kept moist for 7 days at least or covered with prime coat. It is recommended to use heavy trucks for curing or prime coat spraying specially during the first 7 days to avoid early loading of Chemroad soil cement stabilized road base or using manual lightweight equipment. Therefore. the spray of bituminous prime coat should be carried out either immediately after the final compaction, or be carried out later when the strength of the Chemroad soil cement stabilized base is sufficient stand against spray truck axle loads.


4. If the curing of the Chemroad soil cement stabilized road base would be carried out by spray of water,the water spray should be carried out using manual or light weight equipment especially during the first 7 days.


5. For new roads, lightweight passenger cars should be allowed to pass on the cement Stabilized road base only 3-5 hours. after construction of the stabilized layer or as required by design for other types roads.



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